Free shipping on all orders over $50 Australia wide


Free shipping on all orders over $50 Australia wide


Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

If you have a question that is not responded to in the following you can DM, email or text me on each of our social media platforms, thank you for reading.

Can I shower in my jewellery?

It is preferred that you do not shower or swim with your jewellery on so that the jewellery pieces can last the longest time. Although our jewellery is splash proof and is ok to wash your hands with our jewellery on.

Can I work out in my jewellery?

Yes you can, but it is safer to not because the salt water in sweat can cause our gold jewellery to tarnish and for our beaded collection sometimes (not often) our jewellery can fall apart or tear.

Does Grace Bennison Jewellery do custom sizes?

Yes you can! Each of our jewellery options are made to be sized perfectly to your wrist or neck. The way that I will make this is by you placing your wrist/neck size into the additional notes section whilst placing your order.

Why am I being shown different prices at the checkout?

Each of our prices are shown in Australia as that is where we are based.

Can I use more than one discount code at checkout?

No you can not, only one code is available per order.

It has been a few days and my order still is not dispatched, why?

If this is to occur it is because we are having multiple orders to complete, make and ship out within a short time. Please keep in mind that all of our products are made to order so this adds on extra time to your purchase.